Tips To Finding The Best Home Care Assistant Agency

For anyone who has an elderly family member or a terminally ill one, they understand the need for a home care provider. A home care assistance provide support to families that have such patients. They care for them in a professional way and ensure the pressure is released from the family members. For more on home care assistance  If one is looking to find the best home care assistant agency to provide the service what do they look for. Below are some tips.

Finding The Best Home Care Assistant Agency

Where to look


When it comes to looking for a home care assistant agency a good place to start is to talk with people who have received this service. This could be friends, other family members or neighbors. Such information is considered to be reliable and dependable, and one can get good referrals. Secondly, one can talk other medical professionals like their family doctor or hospitals. Such professional have networks and know each other and will be able to recommend agencies that can give the service. Lastly, on can search the yellow pages and online and look for agencies within their area that will best suit their needs. Doing more research on this agencies is wise.


One needs to look at the qualifications of the agency. They need to have the proper license as required by the state to provide the service. Their staff needs to have the training, certification and licensing to be care givers. One also needs to look at the experience of the company. How long have they been in operation?


It is essential that one looks at the reputation of the agency. Look at the websites of the agencies what are the testimonials of past clients.
There are sites also that one can get feedback from that can be of great insight on the agency and their staff. Good reviews guarantee quality service. Poor reviews are a sign that one needs to stay away from such agencies.

Terms of service

shsjsjsjsjssjssjIt is essential that one knows the terms of service of getting the services of the home care assistant. Things like the cost, duration of work engagement, the scope of the services that one will engage in and will any additional charges that may be incurred. This information will help one in deciding whether to hire the agency. Once one has identified a company they can engage then they need to sign a contract that stipulates what they have agreed on.…

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Building A Guitar – Main Parts Of A Guitar

Building a custom guitar is good in many ways. There are different ways of doing this.The option chosen depends on convenience and your expertise in the construction of guitars. Those building their first guitars can take advantage of custom kits. On the other hand, building from scratch or assembling custom parts requires some experience. That said, this article takes a closer look at some of the parts you will need to build your guitar.

The guitar body


When building a custom guitar, you have three options to choose. You can buy a finished body, an unfinished one, or even buy a blank and cut your custom body. However, most builders opt to buy unfinished and pre-routed bodies. However, when purchasing an incomplete body, ensure it has all slots that you need. Moreover, you also need to pick the right piece of wood as it is bound to have an impact on the quality of sound.

Guitar neck

There are many choices to make when buying tone woods for the neck. If you the experienced type, you might probably prefer cutting your fret wire and install the frets and nuts by yourself. However, you also have the option of ordering custom parts. All in all, make sure you get a neck that is compatible with the body.

Pickups and electronics

The pickups and guitar accessories you use are all a matter of personal preferences. As such, the pickups and electronics chosen depend on the type of music you play or even your skill level. You need to get the right pots and capacitors for the electronics pan. You might also purchase the wiring harness as a kit or go for a pre-wired pickguard depending on how easy you want things to be.


ASDAQDSaSDcfThere are two main reasons every guitar needs some hardware. These units are installed for functional and aesthetic purposes. Some of the components to look at including the bridge, tuners, straps, strings, volume knobs and many others. In you selection, choose the ones you need and of course bring in some aspect of creativity.

These are some of the main parts you will need when you have to build your custom guitar. As much as buying a guitar might seem easy, building a custom guitar brings in an extra dimension to the guitar. While playing a guitar you have made by yourself; you will feel satisfied in many ways.…

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Buying A Wet Vacuum Cleaner? – Focus On these Features


Cleaning your home is not an easy task, especially if you are using the wrong equipment. Of course, your main weapon against dirt, dust, and liquid spills is your vacuum cleaner. While many people still prefer using the traditional cleaners, there are many of those who have realized that wet vacuum cleaners are a much better option when it comes to house cleaning. Now, if you want to switch to a wet cleaner yourself, you should know that not all of them are the same. To choose the best one, you will have to pay attention to some features, some of which we will mention here.

The suction power

22nbnfnlknThe suction power of a cleaner is mainly determined by its motor, its filtration system, and its design. The higher the suction power, the more powerful a cleaner is, which means more efficient and effective cleaning. In this case, you should look for the cleaners that feature adjustable suction, to avoid damaging any delicate surfaces.

The filtration system

When you vacuum your home, some dirt particles will inevitably find their way into the atmosphere. To reduce the amount of these particles, you should look for a cleaner that features a decent filtration system. In the last few years, we have seen a variety of different systems, including washable filters, cyclonic separation systems, disposable filters, water filters, HEPA filters and so on. While the majority of cleaners have only one system, some of them have 2 or 3. If you or some of your family members have asthma or allergies, you should go with a HEPA system. If you want to know more about the wet cleaner filtration systems, you should check out Nassauger Übersicht und Test, for additional info and details.

Safety measures

If you have young kids in your home, you will need a cleaner with safety measures. Since your child could easily confuse a cleaner with a toy, it should come with a lock for its brush rolls and wheels. This will substantially reduce the possibility of accidents occurring in your home. For that matter, you should also look for the models that have a safety lock, with which you can completely shut off the power supply. Additionally, you may want to pay attention to the models with retractable cords, to keep your kids from tripping and falling.

The capacity

The cleaner’s capacity will determine how many times you will have to empty its cup or bag or replace them. The capacity of the water tank will determine how frequently you will have to refill it or empty it. If you want to save your time while washing and vacuuming, you should go with a larger capacity cleaner. However, keep in mind that such cleaners are usually heavier than the standard ones.

Extra accessories and attachments

33nfndknjkjA decent wet cleaner will be capable of dealing with the majority, if not all of your house cleaning needs and requirements. For example, a hybrid vacuum will allow you to convert it from one configuration to the other. You will be able to convert and upright cleaner into a stick one or a handheld one.

You should also pay attention to the various attachments, such as detergent dispensers, brush rolls, upholstery brushes, crevice tools, and more. Keep in mind that these will provide a much more effective cleaning, regardless of the surface.…

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Essentials Of An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to make your business a success story, there is no way you can avoid having an email marketing strategy. Why is an email marketing strategy that important? Virtually everyone has an email address today. However, when using marketing to market to advertise your products of business, you can never pick up any email that comes your way and message anyone. Instead, you need to send emails only to relevant people that identify with your products.


The most important thing about any email marketing strategy is the quality contacts you have. As such, you need to ensure you have the right email marketing lists. From there, you might use the contacts to build your brand, communicate to your customers, and use it to advertise new products. It is important to be strategic and objective in email marketing. In this regard, here are some important things that define any effective email marketing strategy.


Every email sent you should have a purpose. As such, the most important thing to do before you start sending emails to be objective. Failure to sell the right emails or sending them to the wrong people can end up hurting your online goal. This is attributed to the fact that most people have no room for irrelevant correspondence on their mailboxes, which are often considered Spam.

Timing and frequency

How often and when you send emails to your customers matters a lot. The most important part of this is to get the timing right. Moreover, you also need to send them frequently especially when you are convinced that the recipient. For instance, when selling winter goodies, an email showcasing your product can be appropriate just before the cold months set in.


QaDASDSQsPeople love it when they receive emails or messages that are meant just for them. As such, you need to be highly specific about who will receive certain messages. As such, this calls for a list segment, which allows you to send specific messages based on the demographics of your clients.

Any email marketing strategy is meant to sell products and services or provide the customers with information meant to move them closer to making a purchase. Moreover, part of the strategy should be to analyze the effectiveness of the strategy by looking at sales volumes or the responses received. From the response you get, you also need to make constant improvements to greater productivity.…

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Benefits Of Buying Supplements From An Accredited Source

The majority of individuals are taking supplements before exercising or hitting a gym. Most of the people do not have the correct information on the different kinds of supplements available in the market to be considered for use. The primary ingredients which are contained in these supplements are beta-alanine and caffeine which aid in lighting up the training sessions of an individual. An individual’s peak performance and effectiveness in the gym is improved when one takes a supplement. One will be able to train harder and for longer durations. The following are the benefits of buying supplements from an accredited source;

More energy


An individual will be able to have energy by taking a supplement while working out. A pre-workout supplement which has caffeine in its caffeine has the stimulating effect which aids a person to feel energized and work out for long hours. A combination of arginine and caffeine contributes a powerful effect to be achieved or attained. The main thing is an individual should have the right mix of supplement to be used while exercising.

Workout efficiency and performance is increased

The primary benefits of taking supplements before working out are the ability of a person to train hard and more efficiently is improved. One will be able to perform at his or her best level in situations of losing weight or development of muscle mass. The supplements make sure a person has the power, stamina, and energy to dominate his or her workout exercises.

Metabolism and weight loss

Weight loss is considered as one of the effects experienced indirectly when supplements are taken. Caffeine is a common ingredient found in the majority of supplement also helps in one to reduce his or her weight in the process. When supplements are absorbed, caffeine contributes to the fat oxidation and body thermogenesis to be raised, metabolism is boosted, and onset on hunger is delayed. The weight loss enables a person to have a fit and lean body.

Recovery process

Supplements aid a person to recovery quickly after exercising or working out. The majority of individuals who go for workouts in a gym know the benefits of recovering quickly while lifting weights. Creatine monohydrate and caffeine ingredients play the role of reducing the muscle soreness, and insulin and glucose levels are increased after exercise.

Focus and concentration is improved


Supplements help in making sure the concentration levels of an individual in the gym is improved which leads to satisfactory results. One will not be mentally strained after exercising.…

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Must Attend Online Training Sessions For Budding

Some things are part and parcel of any commercial enterprise irrespective of its size or line of trade. Taxes are a good example. It follows that the more you know about them, the better the chances of surviving the steep competition. Knowledge of taxes gives a better understanding of the international business terrain. For example, many companies are currently shipping their manufacturing ventures to countries with better tax break policies for foreign investors – causing a socioeconomic and political stir in most parts of the world.

Online training to attend

Online business tax training

Most startups are often founded on untested grounds, making it hard to establish whether they will emerge at the top or sink down under. Online courses that focus on business tax matters can help a business to curve out a cost-effective management style, giving it the leverage it needs to tilt an industry on a global scale. Basic knowledge on when and how to file taxes as well as the tax ceiling for your business is as good as the ability to analyze a tax sheet. These are among the topics covered by the online training tutorials which are commendable for the following reasons.


They offer high-level flexibility – you can attend the classes from any part. With a computer, a smartphone or a tablet in your reach, no traffic jam can stand between you and your accredited online tax tutor.
They balance up the affordability equation without throwing the issue of quality of the crosshair.
You get to choose your learning environment, making it a learning process that’s cut-out to suit your lifestyle.
Above all these, not everyone gets to know that you’re back to school.

What to expect at the end

Just like web design schools expect their students to build and host dynamic sites for all to see, so does the online tax courses’ instructors expect to you to pull various tax related tricks. Some of these tricks which you can also deploy in your business for sustainable growth include:

Practical use of expenditure and investment accounts such as the 401k plans and IRAs to avoid tax. Note that tax avoidance is legal. What you shouldn’t do is to evade tax as this is criminal.
Use legal tax structures to make the government help you square some of the tax issues by legally manipulating the federal and the state tax policies.
Embracing a business restructuring strategy that suits your industry and the tax schemes that target its income.

Ask the experts at no cost

As you pursue your online certification in business and corporate tax, you get to accrue off the cuff solutions to problems in your industry. Many of the online training outfits hire the best instructors. Some of these instructors double up as tax consultants for big brands which can often get stuck in tax related problems.


The teacher-student atmosphere provides you the rare opportunity to put your business’ tax-related issues in the fore and get tangible solutions at no extra cost. Online training courses bring people with diverse business interests but similar goals together. You subsequently get a fertile field for idea hunting. In some cases, it’s possible to meet or attract the right talent since you can always woo a talented classmate to join your firm.…

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Beaker Bong Buying Guide

Want to get yourself a beaker bong? Minus thinking of smoking pipes or any other devices used for smoking, buying a beaker bong can be a daunting task. There is a variety to choose from glass, plastic, ceramic to wooden bongs.

Buying a bong



Glass bongs are a classic, and rarely does one go wrong with it. On the other hand, plastic bongs are the most economical but still effective. Ceramic bongs come in wildly creative designs while wooden bongs are king of durability.

Water capacity

Beaker bongs have an advantage of a larger water capacity than the straight tubes and recyclers. What this means is that more water can be used to achieve a greater level of filtration, therefore a better smoke. Here is a guide to point you in the right direct direction when you go shopping for a new bong.


Size is one of the factors you should consider, big glass beaker bongs are considered an awesome hit, but they are prone to breaking since they take up more space and can be easily knocked over. Ensure you have a safe place to keep it before purchase. However, there are some sturdy types of glass bongs that are ideal in a casual environment.

Your lung capacity

For first-time buyers, ensure you are aware of your lung capacity. A bong that is considered too tall for you or with too many percolators may be difficult for you to clear with a single hit. Smoke that may be left in the chamber is said to acquire a stale taste for a second hit. Also, you don’t want to fill the chamber with smoke and fail to finish it with a single hit.

Chamber diameter

Another factor that you should check on is the diameter of the chamber and the mouthpiece, these two parts of the bong effect the bong smoke. Bongs that narrow down from the chamber to the mouthpiece makes it futile to clear the smoke, on the other hand, a wide mouthpiece could hinder how you control your hit.
Newbies to bongs are discouraged from getting percolators for their bongs since there are no clear favorites of which is the best. If you feel you need one for your bong avoid buying too many, since the drag from the percolators may make it difficult for you to clear the chamber. Some of the popular percolators include Honeycombs, tree, Shower heads, Inlines and Turbines.


lksadnvlksadvklsaldkvlskadnvlkasndvlknaslkdnvlasdvsadvLastly, how much are you willing to spend on your new bong? From the above factors, you may have a clear idea of the type of beaker bong you want, but beaker bong prices may vary based on the design and material used in making it…

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Services Offered By SEO Firms

It is best to be clear on what the term SEO is used for, to begin with. A quick search on Google will let you know that it is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and that it is the way of improving the popularity of a website by enhancing the quantity and quality of the traffic the site receives.


The most typical example of how this works is by trying to imagine yourself searching for information; search engines will then provide different links of people’s articles containing the keywords of your inquiry. Typically, the user will remain on the first couple of pages to look up the sites that the search engine has offered him or her. To make sure that your own page grabs the user’s attention, you will have to utilize the SEO tools of the trade effectively.

What Is An SEO Company?

ASDASDWhen you do not want to focus on using these techniques by yourself, you can delegate the task to the experts, i.e. an SEO company. These companies employ content marketing specialists who will boost the services you want to provide to your potential clients. Now, if you are wondering how can they help you, below are some of the specialised SEO services in Australia:

Content Creation

After a primary analysis of the site, the company’s team will identify any problems the site has (e.g. duplication of content). These problems will then be resolved. Steps will be taken to improve upon the original material.

Link Build Up

This is one of the ongoing activities that an SEO company will have to maintain for you because of all the new information that arrives in search engines. Thus, it becomes necessary to for you to show that you are up to speed. Moreover, poor quality links will have to be removed while relevant links will need to be incorporated.


The SEO team will monitor your brand by looking up at the directories to find out what is currently being said about your site. In addition, they will identify whether the portrayals were accurate. It may be important to create authentic reviews with schemas, guest blogging and doing other activities to increase the awareness of your site. The end goal is to attract organic traffic to your site.

Of course, all this is just the tip of the ice berg. A good SEO organization will constantly be researching, evaluating, and updating your page to ensure its success. In addition, it is worth noting that each company will have its unique methods to help augment the traffic, which can change into leads. If you can now envision the advantages of hiring one, it is probably time to find the best companies out there.…

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How To Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

The wedding day is a special time for any couple. It is a time where friends and family come together to celebrate with the couple as they declare their love to each other. For many couples capturing the day’s event is integral in keeping treasured mementos of the day. The couple, therefore, needs to find the best wedding photographer who can capture the days moments and memories. Below is how to choose the best wedding photographer.

Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer

Where to search

Begin by talking to family and friends. They can be a great source in recommending wedding photographers who they have worked with and know they can deliver. Friends one can talk to are those who have done a wedding recently. The couple can even take a look at their album and see the work the wedding photographer can produce. Secondly, one can search online for wedding photographers who offer their service within the area they are located. This will ensure they find one who is locally positioned and within the area, they plan to do the wedding.hghfffhfhhffhff

Photography style

Another element the couple should consider is the photography style. Wedding photographers will specialize in a particular style, and it is essential for the couple to know what it is they want to be done. The styles are mainly; the traditional or classic style where the photographer is given a photo list to follow. The photojournalism style, which is a documentary style of capturing the events of the day. The illustrative style a combination of photojournalism and traditional and lastly the fashion style.

Get more information

The couple needs to do research on the wedding photographer. This will help them get more information on them. Get to see their portfolio of previous work they have done. This will assist the couple to see what photography style the wedding photographer does and whether they like the work they see. For more click here.They will also get to know the qualifications and certifications of the photographer. Also, one will be able to look at the rates and packages offered by the photographer. Once one has information that is satisfactory, they need to shortlist potential photographers and plan to meet them.jghhgghghhg

Meet and interview the photographer

At the meeting, it is essential to get to know the photographer and the work they can deliver. Questions like the kind of equipment the photographer has if they carry extra as backup. The team, the photographer, has during the day of the wedding and is the team sufficient to achieve the photo shots the couple wants. Get to see the chemistry you have with the photographer for they will be with you and your guests on your special day. Once you have been satisfied with the responses received ensure to secure the wedding photographer early enough.…

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Five Weight Loss Tips For Beginners

Are you struggling to shed off several pounds? Or maybe more? Well, you are in the right place. If you can’t seem to get past a certain point in your weight loss graph, you are probably thinking about a lifestyle change and need few tips to kickstart it. Here are weight loss tips for beginners to help you achieve your weight loss goals within no time.

Add fiber to your diet

If your food is not rich in fiber then losing weight may prove to be an uphill task. Foods rich in fiber help improve your bowel movement. Moreover, such foods increase the feeling of satiety so that you don’t feel hungry now and then. Foods that are loaded with fiber include fruits like apples, strawberries just to mention a few.3465768utyr

Drink lots of water

If you are looking to reduce the quantity of food that you consume, weight loss experts recommend that you should drink lots of water before taking your meals. And that is not all. Drinking sufficient water will help you burn calories more quickly to help you achieve your fitness goals. Aside from helping you to shed off those unwanted pounds water also contributes to flushing toxins from your body. Keep away from energy drinks when as they contain lots of sugars that will only increase your weight.

Get enough sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Well, research indicates that those who sleep for at least six hours every day lose weight quickly compared to those who sleep for fewer hours. You need to have enough rest to allow your body to rejuvenate. If you don’t receive adequate sleep, your body will become tired and unhealthy. So get enough sleep if you wish to lose weight quickly.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast will energize your body and revs up your metabolism. It is the most important meal of the day. Most people who are working to drop weight always think that skipping meals like breakfast will help them get that body that they have always desired fast. However, it’s not true. Starving doesn’t help much when it comes to weight loss. Health experts recommend that when you are trying to lose weight, you should include foods like whole wheat toast, eggs, and fresh fruits in your breakfast.


5657687iuytyrWhile this can seem obvious, exercising is not all about hitting the gym. You have to check out the number of calories that you burn to ensure that they are more than those that you consume. As you exercise, you should watch what you eat so that your body responds accordingly. Exercising will help your body burn the fat and build muscle so that you look fit.

The five tips mentioned above coupled with a regular workout routine plus healthy clean eating should help you lose weight quickly. It is important to note that you have to put in the necessary effort and time to lose weight and get into shape. Don’t expect magic bullets when it comes to weight loss. All you need to do is to be encouraged and feed your body with what it needs in moderation. Get up and start pursuing your weight loss goals. Good luck!…

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Top Features And Qualities Of A Good Gaming Mouse

Basically, all computer mice allow you to move the cursor, scroll and click. However, what makes a mouse a gaming one, and what makes one gaming mouse better than the other? Well, for the most part, it is responsibility and reliability, alongside functionality, comfort, and customization. Since all your in-game activities require speed and precision, your gaming mouse easily becomes one of your most important computer components.

If you are still not quite sure as to what makes a gaming mouse a good one, check out some of the qualities of a good gaming mouse.4546576iytr

Thing to consider when choosing a mouse

The level of comfort

Let’s start with the level of comfort a gaming mouse should provide. Even though gaming mice come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they all need to have one common quality, and that is a comfort. A good gaming mouse should be smooth and provide its user with the ergonomics and soft hold they require. It should also be weight-friendly so that both kids and adults can use them without any issues.

Laser or optical

Standard desktop mice feature an optical sensor and a LED. On the other hand, when it comes to gaming mice, laser models are the most popular ones, However, keep in mind that laser mice also feature optical sensors as well. The only difference is that laser mice use their laser for illumination, instead of an infrared LED. This feature makes laser mice especially sensitive to soft pads, which means their sensors can pick up all kinds of information, even useless one, which can lead to a somewhat poor performance.

Customization and ergonomics

A good gaming mouse is usually distinguished by its ergonomics. Since you will be using your mouse for hours, it needs to have a good grip. High-end gaming mice feature removable weights, which allow their users to customize the weight of their mice. Some models also allow for the adjustment of their center of balance as well. Last, but not least, it is also worth noting that many gaming mice have extra buttons, in addition to the standard ones, which allow for extra commands and functions.

Sensitivity and responsiveness

we56576uytryWhen it comes to gaming, it is all about speed, sensitivity, and precision. As a result, gaming mice are usually highly sensitive. This level of sensitivity determines how small of a mouse movement you have to make so as to move the cursor. This is especially important when it comes to popular first person shooting games, where even milliseconds count. The sensitivity of a mouse is calculated in DPI (dots per inch).The majority of high-end gaming mice come with no less than 1200 DPI and can reach almost 3000 DPI. When looking for a gaming mouse, make sure to avoid cheap 500 DPI models. Also, try looking for mice that feature sensitivity controls. These will allow you to choose your preferred level of sensitivity, without having to fiddle with advanced software settings and options.

Wireless connection

Thanks to the technological advancements, we now have wireless keyboards, mice, speakers and so on. For a gaming mouse, wireless connectivity is considered a must-have nowadays. With such a mouse, you will not have to struggle with all kinds of wires, which can significantly limit your gaming performance and mobility. With a wireless gaming mouse, you can play your games pretty much everywhere you want.…

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This Week in Django

This Week in Django

This Week in Django 33

Posted on August 14, 2008
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Tags: django, free, geodjango, hiwd, news, podcast, twid

This Week in Django is a weekly podcast about all things Django.

This week we discuss the NEW This Week in Django site, a bunch of source commits, and some cool projects from the community.

Special Thanks to Justin Lilly for helping get this show produced.

Please see the Show Notes below for all the pertinent information and links


AAC Enhanced Podcast (75.2 MB, 1:32:42, AAC)

MP3 Edition (63.7 MB, 1:32:42, MP3)

OGG Edition (50.2 MB, 1:32:42, Vorbis)

The Enhanced Podcast version contains screenshots and easy access links to all of the items we discuss throughout the podcast.

Give Us Feedback

Want to give us some feedback on the show? We’re always looking for ideas or suggestions that will help improve each episode. Please contact us at feedback at

Show Notes

Big News ()

*NEW** This Week in Django site. This will be a work in progress. We’re just getting it out there now but have some very cool plans in the months to come.
Django 1.0 Alpha 2
Django Weblog Entry
Release Notes
Django 1.0 Beta 1 – currently scheduled for August 14
Release candidate sprint in Austin, TX on August 15 and via IRC in #django-sprint.
Tracking Trunk ()

Removed dictionary access to HttpRequest (8202)
Backward incompatible Change Information
url tag now allows NoReverseMatch exceptions to propagate (8211)
Backward incompatible Change Information
Merged GIS into trunk (8219)
First baby-steps in GeoDjango – great post by Horst Gutmann.
Signal/dispatch refactoring (8223)
Backwards Incompatible Change Information
Modified the custom command loader to allow for explicit specification of the project name, even if the project directory isn’t in the python path. (8227)
Allow alternate file extensions on files that are translated. (8234)
File storage refactoring (8244)
Backwards Incompatible Change Information
django-storages – Generic storages for Django by David Larlet.
Split CacheMiddleware up into two parts (8260) – There is now an update-cache and a fetch-from-cache middleware item.
Moved admindoc templates into admindoc/templates (8264) – slightly backwards incompatible change in that you now need add ‘django.contrib.admindocs’ to INSTALLED_APPS.
Added the ability to force an insert or an update through save (8267)
Adjusted the ModelAdmin API to allow the created/updated objects
to be passed to the formsets prior to validation. (8273)
Backwards Incompatible Change Information
(8266) – Originally added save_model and save_formset. save_model was renamed to save_form in this change.
Added support for inline generic relations (8279)
UserAdmin can now be seamless replaced.
Changeset (8280)
Changeset (8283)
Remove all the remaining, deprecated, non-oldforms features (8291) – See the changeset for the full list of removed items.
Community Catchup ()

Default Templates in Django – Jeff Croft writes an excellent post describing the “fallback” system used for locating templates. When used wisely, it can allow for a situation in which you can literally design an entire site by creating only one HTML file.
Extending templates – Simon Willison created a wiki post that details the ability to provide an over-ride template that also extends itself.
django-tables – Pretty amazing utility by Michael Elsdoerfer that allows you to handle tables in your templates much the same way as you handles forms and ModelForms.
Pickled Object Field – A snippet that adds a field which can store any pickleable object in the database. Automatically handles pickling and unpickling.
Custom Fields in Django David Cramer posts two new custom fields – SerializedDataField and SeparatedValuesField, the first being very similar to the Pickled Object Field and it allows you to store raw data, such as a dictionary, or a list of items, or more complex objects and the latter is an alternative to the CommaSeparatedIntegerField, it allows you to store any separated values. You can also optionally specify a token parameter.
South – Andrew Godwin adds intelligent database migrations …

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