Beaker Bong Buying Guide

Want to get yourself a beaker bong? Minus thinking of smoking pipes or any other devices used for smoking, buying a beaker bong can be a daunting task. There is a variety to choose from glass, plastic, ceramic to wooden bongs.

Buying a bong



Glass bongs are a classic, and rarely does one go wrong with it. On the other hand, plastic bongs are the most economical but still effective. Ceramic bongs come in wildly creative designs while wooden bongs are king of durability.

Water capacity

Beaker bongs have an advantage of a larger water capacity than the straight tubes and recyclers. What this means is that more water can be used to achieve a greater level of filtration, therefore a better smoke. Here is a guide to point you in the right direct direction when you go shopping for a new bong.


Size is one of the factors you should consider, big glass beaker bongs are considered an awesome hit, but they are prone to breaking since they take up more space and can be easily knocked over. Ensure you have a safe place to keep it before purchase. However, there are some sturdy types of glass bongs that are ideal in a casual environment.

Your lung capacity

For first-time buyers, ensure you are aware of your lung capacity. A bong that is considered too tall for you or with too many percolators may be difficult for you to clear with a single hit. Smoke that may be left in the chamber is said to acquire a stale taste for a second hit. Also, you don’t want to fill the chamber with smoke and fail to finish it with a single hit.

Chamber diameter

Another factor that you should check on is the diameter of the chamber and the mouthpiece, these two parts of the bong effect the bong smoke. Bongs that narrow down from the chamber to the mouthpiece makes it futile to clear the smoke, on the other hand, a wide mouthpiece could hinder how you control your hit.
Newbies to bongs are discouraged from getting percolators for their bongs since there are no clear favorites of which is the best. If you feel you need one for your bong avoid buying too many, since the drag from the percolators may make it difficult for you to clear the chamber. Some of the popular percolators include Honeycombs, tree, Shower heads, Inlines and Turbines.


lksadnvlksadvklsaldkvlskadnvlkasndvlknaslkdnvlasdvsadvLastly, how much are you willing to spend on your new bong? From the above factors, you may have a clear idea of the type of beaker bong you want, but beaker bong prices may vary based on the design and material used in making it