Top Features And Qualities Of A Good Gaming Mouse

Basically, all computer mice allow you to move the cursor, scroll and click. However, what makes a mouse a gaming one, and what makes one gaming mouse better than the other? Well, for the most part, it is responsibility and reliability, alongside functionality, comfort, and customization. Since all your in-game activities require speed and precision, your gaming mouse easily becomes one of your most important computer components.

If you are still not quite sure as to what makes a gaming mouse a good one, check out some of the qualities of a good gaming mouse.4546576iytr

Thing to consider when choosing a mouse

The level of comfort

Let’s start with the level of comfort a gaming mouse should provide. Even though gaming mice come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they all need to have one common quality, and that is a comfort. A good gaming mouse should be smooth and provide its user with the ergonomics and soft hold they require. It should also be weight-friendly so that both kids and adults can use them without any issues.

Laser or optical

Standard desktop mice feature an optical sensor and a LED. On the other hand, when it comes to gaming mice, laser models are the most popular ones, However, keep in mind that laser mice also feature optical sensors as well. The only difference is that laser mice use their laser for illumination, instead of an infrared LED. This feature makes laser mice especially sensitive to soft pads, which means their sensors can pick up all kinds of information, even useless one, which can lead to a somewhat poor performance.

Customization and ergonomics

A good gaming mouse is usually distinguished by its ergonomics. Since you will be using your mouse for hours, it needs to have a good grip. High-end gaming mice feature removable weights, which allow their users to customize the weight of their mice. Some models also allow for the adjustment of their center of balance as well. Last, but not least, it is also worth noting that many gaming mice have extra buttons, in addition to the standard ones, which allow for extra commands and functions.

Sensitivity and responsiveness

we56576uytryWhen it comes to gaming, it is all about speed, sensitivity, and precision. As a result, gaming mice are usually highly sensitive. This level of sensitivity determines how small of a mouse movement you have to make so as to move the cursor. This is especially important when it comes to popular first person shooting games, where even milliseconds count. The sensitivity of a mouse is calculated in DPI (dots per inch).The majority of high-end gaming mice come with no less than 1200 DPI and can reach almost 3000 DPI. When looking for a gaming mouse, make sure to avoid cheap 500 DPI models. Also, try looking for mice that feature sensitivity controls. These will allow you to choose your preferred level of sensitivity, without having to fiddle with advanced software settings and options.

Wireless connection

Thanks to the technological advancements, we now have wireless keyboards, mice, speakers and so on. For a gaming mouse, wireless connectivity is considered a must-have nowadays. With such a mouse, you will not have to struggle with all kinds of wires, which can significantly limit your gaming performance and mobility. With a wireless gaming mouse, you can play your games pretty much everywhere you want.